Committee Considers Vulakovich’s Bill on Cyber Security

The Senate Communications and Technology Committee unanimously passed Senator Randy Vulakovich’s Senate Bill 1048 to update the Breach of Personal Information Notification Act.  Senator Vulakovich stated on the bill:

“My legislation will require that in the event of a breach involving Personally Identifiable Information the Agency will report this breach to the individual or individuals affected within seven days.  It also requires the Attorney General be made aware of the breach, and the Office of Administration for Executive Branch agencies within three days following the breach.  County and Local governments, along with School districts must notify their District Attorney within three days as well.  The legislation will also require the Office of Administration keep a policy for the storage and transmission of Personal Identifiable Information Data.”

SB 1048 now goes to the full Senate for consideration.

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Audio remarks from Senator Vulakovich: Listen.

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