Civil Service Modernization Measure Goes to the Governor

The House of Representatives approved Senate Bill 1154, sending the measure –introduced by Senator Randy Vulakovich to streamline and modernize Pennsylvania’s Civil Service Act – on to the Governor for his signature and enactment into law.

“I appreciate the support of my colleagues for this bill, which will bring Pennsylvania more in line with hiring practices of the private sector for civil service agencies,” Senator Vulakovich said.  “Senate Bill 1154 will ensure that vacancies are filled with qualified people in a timely manner while maintaining the merit-based and non-political nature of the Pennsylvania Civil Service Commission’s hiring process.”

The bill allows applicants to be notified of an openings by methods other than the US Mail and gives the Commission the option to provide agencies with a list of more than three applicants, a limit currently in place.  “We are looking to create a stronger pool of qualified and capable candidates to fill positions,” said Senator Vulakovich. “Senate Bill 1154 does not affect the absolute Veterans Preference already in law.  Instead, by expanding the ‘Rule of Three’ we hope to see more veterans interviewed and hired by the Commonwealth.”

Senate Bill 1154 would allow the Civil Service Commission to post actual job vacancies, rather than a general list of job classifications.  “Currently a prospective employee applies for job classifications — not an actual open position — and is placed on a list,” said Senator Vulakovich. “This provides for an unnecessary delay that wastes an applicant’s time and the agency’s time, which can be eliminated by posting specific jobs and allowing prospective employees to apply for them.”

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