To consider the promotions of COL James G. McCormack (PA Army National Guard) and COL Terrence L. Koudelka (PA Air National Guard) to the rank of Brigadier General and to consider SB 1019, SB 1157 and SB 1172

Senate Veterans Affairs & Emergency Preparedness Committee

Tuesday, June 5, 2018 at 11:00 a.m.

East Wing, Hearing Room 8E-A


To consider the promotions of COL James G. McCormack (PA Army National Guard) and COL Terrence L. Koudelka (PA Air National Guard) to the rank of Brigadier General and to consider SB 1019, SB 1157 and SB 1172.

Call to Order by Chairman Vulakovich

Pledge of Allegiance

Consideration of Military PromotionsBiographies

*Colonel Terrence L. Koudelka (PA Air National Guard) – Nominated for Brigadier General
Introduced by Sen. Aument

*Colonel James G. McCormack (PA Army National Guard) Nominated for Brigadier General.
Introduced by Sen. Gordner

Consideration of Legislation

SB 1019 – Vulakovich – Amends Title 35/Health & Safety by providing a comprehensive rewrite of the Emergency Management Provisions

  • A07335 – Vulakovich – Clarifies the definition of “Chief Elected Officer” – ensures that pharmaceutical and medical supply companies to deliver lifesaving medicines and medical supplies to Pennsylvania’s healthcare facilities in the event of a state of emergency – ensures consistency between “Political Subdivision” and “Municipality” – adds “association” to the term “person” – adds the Director of Homeland Security to the PA Emergency Management Council – re-orders the various entities that the Governor could appoint as non-voting members to the PA Emergency Management Council – stipulates that PEMA is to provide guidance to correctional facilities in regard to radiation – calls on counties and local governments to have a back-up coordinator to the greatest extent possible – provides protections for volunteers called into duty – stipulates that a volunteer can receive two-thirds of the weekly wage that they would have received from employment in the volunteers’ usual occupation.
  • A06171 – Baker – Provides for Senate Confirmation of the Director of PEMA (SB 193).
  • A07342 – Vulakovich – Codifies the Governor’s Executive Order (2012-03) establishing the Office of Homeland Security.
  • A06170 – Hutchinson – Repeals the Firearm Prohibition during an Emergency Declaration as well as the Governor’s and municipal government executives’ ability to ban the legal carrying of a firearm on any public street or piece of public property (SB 36).
  • A07286 – Costa – Provides the Department of Health with the ability to declare public health emergencies in the case of several types of events (bioterrorist event, a biological, chemical or nuclear agent, a chemical attack, or a nuclear attack – the appearance of a novel or previously controlled or eradicated infectious disease – a natural disaster, accidental chemical release, or nuclear incident; or a disease outbreak). The declaration would last 90 days, unless extended by the Secretary of the Department of Health (SB 1001).
  • A07338 – Vulakovich – Makes the State Fire Commissioner a voting member of the 911Advisory Board – adds the Ambulance Association of PA and the PA Council of Governments to as non-voting members of the 911 Advisory Board – permits PEMA to purchase a system for individuals to list their phone numbers with such information as their disabilities so that a 911 call center can readily identify a need – requires LBFC to make recommendations on the 911 Law by 2020 – and extends the 911 Law from June 30, 2019 to June 30, 2021.
  • A06169 – Brooks – References the Online Training Provisions in the Tax Reform Code – requires the Fire Commissioner to issue guidelines for Online Training – ensures that Online Training is for both career and volunteer fire fighters, optional, free of charge, includes a completion certification and incorporated into the Train PA System – requires the Fire Commissioner to list all courses online – and limits the Office of Fire Commissioner to no more than 5% for Administration.
  • A07349  – Vulakovich – Allows the Fire Commissioners to apply for a Fire/EMS Grant for a company that has defaulted on a loan in order to pay off the loan – allows volunteer fire companies to use Relief Funding for CDL’s (HB 558) – allows EMS companies to use Fire/EMS Grant funding for Body Armor (SB 836)
  • A07334(?) – Hutchinson – Makes volunteer fire companies eligible for Fire/EMS Grants – this year – if they submitted their applications in late and if there are any remaining funds available. 

SB 1157 – Vulakovich – Amends the Fiscal Code by requiring the Auditor General to audit the PA Statewide Radio System

  • A07348 – Vulakovich – Makes the Audit Retroactive to the 1996 Law all the way to future phases

SB 1172 – Vulakovich – Amends the Price Gouging Act by making several updates as a result of the Governor’s Opioid Declaration.

  • A07343 – Vulakovich – Technical Changes