Senate-Passed Legislation 2019-2020




Senate Bill 113 (DiSanto) requires pension forfeiture after a public employee or official is convicted of — or pleads guilty or no contest to — any felony offense related to his or her employment.

Senate Bill 133 (Argall) amends the Pennsylvania Constitution to allow gubernatorial candidates to select their own running mate.

Senate Bill 372 (Scavello) updates and modernizes the state History Code. 

Criminal Justice Reform

Senate Bill 500 (Baker) creates a County Adult Probation and Parole Advisory Committee to help counties better assess the unique risks and needs of probationers to reduce incarceration and cut costs to taxpayers.

Senate Bill 501 (Killion) streamlines the placement of offenders in drug treatment programs and other intermediate punishment programs, and improve and expedite the parole process for non-violent offenders.

Senate Bill 502 (Bartolotta) improves communications with crime victims and ensure they receive any compensation they are owed. 

Public Safety 

Senate Bill 139 (J. Ward) amends the Pennsylvania Price Gouging Act to ensure that a Governor’s emergency declaration does not place an undue burden on businesses outside of and unrelated to the disaster.

Senate Bill 275 (J. Ward) allows cases of strangulation to be considered in sentencing for subsequent domestic violence and other crimes and in child custody proceedings.

Crime Victims Package

Senate Bill 399 (Langerholc) creates a comprehensive bill of rights in Pennsylvania for survivors of sexual assault, including rights pertaining to the collection and use of evidence.

Senate Bill 425 (Langerholc) amends the Pennsylvania Crime Victims Act to ensure a victim has a right not to be excluded from a trial except in extraordinary circumstances.

Senate Bill 431 (Langerholc) prevents many sexual assault survivors from facing questions during cross examination about times they were victimized previously, such as child abuse or assaults.

Senate Bill 469 (Laughlin) applies the existing Tender Years Exception – which allows certain out-of-court statements to be admissible as evidence – to include individuals with intellectual disabilities or autism.

Senate Bill 479 (Baker) expands the Tender Years Exception to apply to a wider variety of crimes, including serious sexual offenses. 

Emergency Responders

Senate Bill 128 (Regan) codifies the Civil Air Patrol’s state operations in Title 51 under the leadership of the Adjutant General to better secure state funding.

Senate Bill 146 (Brooks) makes online training more readily available to current and prospective first responders, helping Pennsylvania volunteer fire companies recruit and retain members.

Children & Families

Act 5 of 2019 provides civil immunity when there is damage to a vehicle when forceful entry is necessary to rescue an individual, helping to prevent child hot car deaths.

Senate Bill 86 (Brooks) amends the Newborn Protection Act to add urgent care centers to the list of “safe havens” where a parent may surrender a newborn.


Senate Bill 115 (Killion) strengthens academic guidelines in schools for CPR training in grades nine through 12 and adds hands-only CPR instruction to Pennsylvania’s education curriculum.

Senate Bill 144 (Martin) creates the Keystone Telepresence Education Grant program to help schools purchase equipment that will allow homebound students remotely participate in classroom learning.

Senate Bill 440 (Phillips-Hill) gives school districts the option to implement flexible instructional days in the event of an emergency school closure.


Farming First Package

Senate Bill 145 (Yaw) gives farmers more discretion regarding the construction and subdivision of residences on farmland to make it easier to pass farmland on to the next generation at a lower cost.

Senate Bill 338 (Langerholc) increases the size of farm equipment permitted to be transported on roadways.

Senate Bill 453 (Judy Ward) sets commonsense safety standards and removes costly requirements for barn weddings and other social events on farms.

Senate Bill 478 (Vogel) creates a tax credit program for landowners to lease or sell farmland to future generations of farmers.

Senate Bill 583 (Aument) eases restrictions on the use of farmland for farm-related tourism and entertainment activities.

Senate Bill 585 (Corman) creates the Pennsylvania Dairy Future Commission to review the status of the PA dairy industry and make recommendations to support the industry’s future.

Senate Bill 588 (Judy Ward) exempts milk haulers from travel bans imposed during a declaration of disaster emergency.

Health Care

Senate Bill 115 (Killion) strengthens academic guidelines in schools for CPR training in grades nine through 12 and adds hands-only CPR instruction to Pennsylvania’s education curriculum.

Senate Resolution 20 (Baker) urges the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to delay action on its proposed change to medical malpractice reform.


Senate Bill 298 (Baker) transfers “Stolen Valor” fines to the Pennsylvania Veterans’ Trust Fund, which issues grants to organizations that assist veterans.

Senate Bill 589 (Regan) provides free college education to the spouse or child of Pennsylvania National Guard members who re-enlist.


Act 3 of 2019 (Yaw) designates the Eastern Hellbender as Pennsylvania’s state amphibian.