Senate Majority Leader Kim Ward Responds to Governor Wolf’s 2021 Agenda

Today, Governor Wolf released his 2021 agenda for Pennsylvania. However, his list failed to mention the immediate priority of ensuring Pennsylvanians 65 years of age and older and the vulnerable population are getting access to the COVID-19 vaccine.

The statewide rollout of this vaccine is fraught with inconsistencies, fraud, and a lack of transparency. Today’s news that the CEO of a Philadelphia corporation took several vaccines home to give to friends is alarming. The Governor needs to assume accountability for this travesty.

Not only are vaccines critical to our most vulnerable population, they are directly tied to getting our economy back on track. The slow rollout of vaccines, along with today’s announcement that Governor Wolf intends to tax our natural gas industry on top of the existing impact fee, will prolong any attempts to kick start an already devastated Pennsylvania economy.

Businesses have been shuttered, bars and restaurants have been unfairly targeted, and now the Wolf administration is following the Biden Administration’s liberal orthodoxy of killing the natural gas industry. An industry which has employed thousands of Pennsylvanians with good paying jobs and has put billions of tax dollars into state, county and community coffers.

Governor Wolf must focus on the immediate issues at hand; getting our vulnerable population vaccinated and economy back up and running.

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