“The Governor’s actions today are an indication of the seriousness of the concerns for the current funding of public charter and cyber charter schools and its effect on overall public school finance in Pennsylvania. It has reached a crisis point creating the potential of significant detrimental effects on all of our students’ progress in school. The charter school funding formula was established 22 years ago and was the best available platform at that time. However, now it has created an irreconcilable financial conflict between charter and traditional schools which mandates both in-depth review and responsible legislative and executive action to address.  

“Unfortunately, notwithstanding significant activity over the past 10 years, the legislature has been unable to address the issue of charter school funding as there has been an inability to find a solution that works for both the traditional public schools and the public charter and cyber charter schools. So, I understand why the Governor is making this announcement today. However, I believe we need to take this opportunity and use it to call for a special session on charter school funding to allow for a complete and comprehensive dialogue regarding the challenges with how we currently fund charter schools and to develop solutions that, in the end, are in the best interest of our students and the quality education they deserve.”

 – Senate Appropriations Chairman Pat Browne

Note: Senator Browne served as Chairman of the Basic Education Funding Commission, Special Education Funding Commission and the PA Public School Building Construction and Reconstruction Advisory Committee (PLANCON). He also serves as Co-Chair of the bi-partisan, bi-cameral Early Childhood Education Caucus.

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