Senate Republican Leaders Applaud Commonwealth Court Decision Striking Down School Mask Mandate

HARRISBURG – Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman (R-Bellefonte) and Senate Majority Leader Kim Ward (R-Westmoreland) applauded a Commonwealth Court ruling today that voids the Acting Secretary of Health’s school mask mandate, which returns health and safety decisions to parents and school boards:

“We are grateful the Commonwealth Court made the right decision by empowering parents to be part of health and safety decisions for their kids. The law is clear in this case. The Acting Secretary of Health does not have the authority to create new rules and regulations out of thin air.

“Today’s ruling validates what we have said all along – mask decisions should be made by parents and school boards, NOT unelected bureaucrats. A blanket mandate does not address the unique needs and circumstances of individual communities, and it takes power away from the people who are in the best position to protect our kids.

“Voters overwhelmingly favored limiting the powers of the Executive Branch in May when they supported Constitutional amendments to prevent any governor from weaponizing the state’s emergency powers. This ruling continues to rein in the Administration from exerting undue authority over the lives of Pennsylvanians.”

CONTACT:           Jason Thompson (Corman)

                                Erica Clayton Wright (Ward)

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