Senate Passes Mensch Bill to Help Workers with Disabilities

HARRISBURG – Yesterday, the Pennsylvania Senate unanimously approved legislation authored by Sen. Bob Mensch (R-24) which would provide better earning potential for workers with disabilities. 

“Currently in Pennsylvania, we have a program called Medical Assistance for Workers with Disabilities, or MAWD, which allows individuals with disabilities to earn a living while still receiving their much-needed benefits,” said Mensch. “The issue created by this program’s income limits are that many individuals feel pressured to not advance their careers or pursue better employment for fear of losing their benefits.”

Senate Bill 890 would create a new classification similar to the MAWD program called “Workers with Job Success,” which would have increased income limits and allow for increased savings limits for individuals in return for paying for a percentage of their benefits.

“Current MAWD eligibility criteria in terms of income is set at no more than 250% of the Federal poverty level, or roughly $32,000,” Mensch explains. “My bill will have the new category for these workers to start at 250% and end at 600%, or a little more than $75,000 annually. My legislation will hopefully encourage these individuals to work to their full potential and reassure them that this decision will not place their deserved benefits in jeopardy.”

Watch Senator Mensch’s floor remarks here.

The bill now goes to the House of Representatives for consideration.

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