Senate Majority Leader Kim Ward’s Response to Boockvar’s Resignation

Department Failed to Advertise Amendment for Child Sex Abuse Survivors

Harrisburg – “It is disgraceful that Pennsylvania Secretary of State, Kathy Boockvar failed in her constitutional duty to advertise a proposed constitutional amendment for child sex abuse victims. Her dereliction of duty has failed these victims, failed voters who would have had a voice this spring, and failed the Commonwealth.

“The reason the Legislature did a proposed Constitutional Amendment instead of a statutory change to begin with is that the General Assembly cannot retroactively eliminate an accrued defense without violating the remedies clause of the Pennsylvania Constitution. That hasn’t changed. The Secretary’s dereliction of duty has put us back to square one.

“This disastrous scenario demands a full investigation. I will be asking our members to conduct their own hearings to determine how this could have happened. Kathy Boockvar’s resignation does not absolve her of the legal responsibilities she possessed.

“The Senate is committed to working with the House of Representatives to ensure a path forward continues.  Sadly, the work of so many people on such an important issue has now been derailed by incompetence”.



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