Senate Majority Leader Kim Ward Responds to Wolf Administration’s Workplace Announcement: Pennsylvanians Have Already Spoken – This Effort Is A Ruse

GREENSBURG – Senate Majority Leader Kim Ward (R-Westmoreland) today offered the following statement in reaction to the Wolf Administration’s announcement today on his workplace agenda.

“Pennsylvanians are tired of still dealing with the effects of the political agenda forced on them throughout the pandemic.  From selective business closures, to mask and vaccine mandates, to breaching Pennsylvanians personal health information, as well as the inability to properly process unemployment claims, Pennsylvanians are worn-out by the uncertainty presented by the Wolf Administration.  Today’s announcement is one more attempt to by-pass the voice of the people.  The efforts outlined today to protect Pennsylvania workplaces is a ruse that further opens the door to executive branch overreach, crushes small businesses, and generates greater confusion for employers to keep their employees employed and safe. Pennsylvanians have already spoken when it comes to government interference in our lives and workplaces when they voted to limit the governor’s executive powers with the passage of the constitutional amendment in the primary.”

Contact: Erica Clayton Wright,, (412)334-4856.

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