Senate approves Robbins bill to maximize state tuition assistance

The Senate today approved legislation introduced by Senator Bob Robbins amending the Pennsylvania National Guard Educational Assistance Program (EAP) to help ensure proper distribution of federal and state financial aid.

Senate Bill 1115 clarifies that grants under the EAP will be applied after federal assistance programs such as the GI Bill and Federal Tuition Assistance. In addition, the legislation ensured that EAP funds are only used for tuition/fees, room/board and books as long as such costs are documented by the educational institution.

“This guarantees the educational support for our guard members while maximizing the efficient use of our funds,” Senator Robbins said. “This will allow us to provide more support for people who are interested in joining the National Guard and getting an education at a Pennsylvania college or university.”

Click here to hear Senator Robbins’ comments on Senate Bill 1115.


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