Pennsylvania Senate Takes Major Step Forward in Transparency, Posts New Expense Reports Online

HARRISBURG – Delivering on the promise of greater transparency in state government, Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman (R-Bellefonte) announced today that Senate expense reports are now available to the public online.

The reports, available at, detail all expenses for each individual Senator’s office and institutional offices.  Expense reports for July 2021 were posted today, and the system will be updated with new reports every month going forward.

Categories of expenses available in the reports include:

  • Per diems.
  • Car leases.
  • Office rent, utilities and expenses.
  • Postage.
  • Mileage, lodging and meal reimbursements.
  • Other expenses incurred by Senate offices.

Expenses for each caucus service office are listed under the respective Leader reports.

Corman credited the Senate Chief Clerk’s Office for working with him in conjunction with the Legislative Data Processing Center to develop the online reporting system.

“The new expense reporting system builds upon the current Right to Know Law and provides for a significant level of transparency in how tax dollars are spent,” Corman said. “Making this information available to the public will not only make state government more open, but also more accountable to the people we serve.”

Other categories of information are already available online, including:

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