News Conference to Outline Implementation of New DUI Ignition Interlock Law

Legislators, families of DUI victims, MADD and other advocacy groups will hold a news conference at noon on Wednesday, June 8 on the steps of the State Capitol in Harrisburg.

They will discuss the state’s new ignition interlock law, Act 33 of 2016, including how the law will be implemented, specific provisions and public education efforts.

The law, passed in May after six years of effort and advocacy, will require most first-time offenders of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) to install ignition interlocks on their vehicles for at least one year.

It is intended to reduce repeat DUIs, decrease highway crashes and save lives, while allowing drivers to use their vehicles for work and other purposes in a controlled setting.

The news conference will be streamed live at


Nolan Ritchie, Senate Transportation Committee, 717-787-1398