McIlhinney Supports Consumer-Friendly Liquor Reforms

HARRISBURG – The Senate approved a plan Thursday authored by Senator Chuck McIlhinney (R-10) to modernize the sale of liquor across Pennsylvania in order to better meet the needs of consumers.

The amended version of House Bill 1690, which passed with bipartisan support, includes a number of changes requested by consumers, including expanded hours of operation at state liquor stores and fewer restrictions in relation to state-mandated holidays and Sunday operation. The bill also allows stores to create loyalty programs, distribute coupons and offer new sales and discounts.

New changes will also allow for the limited sale of wine at select restaurants, hotels and grocery stores who purchase the proper licenses.

According to a detailed fiscal analysis of the bill, the plan could generate up to an additional $100 million in profits for the state system.

“In considering any proposal pertaining to liquor sales, the consumer and the taxpayer should be our primary concerns,” McIlhinney said. “These improvements to liquor sales include a number of changes requested by consumers that will provide the added benefit of generating additional profit and adding value to the existing system.”

In addition to modernizing liquor sales, the bill would also require a comprehensive study of the valuation of the state system and various proposals to privatize liquor sales in the future.

Governor Wolf has indicated that he would sign the bill in its current form.

House Bill 1690 was sent to the House of Representatives for consideration.


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