Governor Signs Killion’s Mental Health Provider Bill

Governor Tom Wolf has signed key legislation authored by Senator Tom Killion (R-9) long sought by marriage and family therapists, social workers and professional counselors.

The new law, which has been a goal of providers for close to two decades, changes the licensure requirements and scope of practice provisions for therapists, social workers and counselors.  It will enable these professionals to better serve families in need of their services.

“This new law will enhance and expand mental health services available in Pennsylvania’s communities and schools,” Killion said.  “People in need will now have even better treatment options and enjoy new consumer protections.  This will be tremendously helpful to families across the state,” he added.

Killion’s Senate Bill 530, now officially Act 76 of 2018 after the Governor signed the bill on June 29th, will allow a broader array of treatment options by professionals, clarify by law who may provide mental health services and define who may call themselves a licensed professional.  It will also provide new consumer protections.

This law will bring Pennsylvania up to national standards by adding practice protection and diagnosis for clinical social work.  Currently, 48 states have similar practice protection.

Included in this press release is a statement by the Pennsylvania Association for Marriage and Family Therapy about the new law and a photo of Senator Killion speaking with social workers about his legislation on April 23, 2018.

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