Governor Signs Corman Bills Into Law to Enable Out-of-State Team Physicians to Treat Their Players in PA

Legislation sponsored by Senator Jake Corman (R-34) that would allow visiting out-of-state team physicians to provide care to their athletes without holding a Pennsylvania medical license has been signed into law.

Corman said the two measures, Act 73 of 2015 and Act 74 of 2015, would amend the state’s Medical Practice Act and Osteopathic Medical Practice Act to enable visiting team physicians to treat their players.

“Many sports teams in Pennsylvania and around the country have experienced medical personnel who travel to out-of-state sporting events and have established relationships with their athletes,” Corman said. “These team physicians, who are already licensed in their own state, will now be able to treat their team athletes on the road without having to go through excess red tape and paperwork.  I’m pleased that the General Assembly has approved and the governor has signed this measure, which will benefit members of athletic teams and ensure they receive quality care.”

Under the new laws, team physicians can treat players while traveling if they are licensed in their home state and have an agreement with a sports team to provide medical care on the road. The laws also place restrictions on the time visiting team physicians can practice in Pennsylvania.

Currently, 21 states allow visiting team physicians to practice in their state without meeting home-state licensing requirements.

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