Corman Criticizes Needless and Expensive Democrat Obstruction to Election Investigation

HARRISBURG – Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman (R-Bellefonte) issued the following statement today regarding the unnecessary and expensive obstruction of the Senate’s election investigation by Governor Tom Wolf, Attorney General Josh Shapiro and Senate Democrats:

“Pennsylvanians from both parties have voiced skepticism about the fairness of our elections – and those concerns pre-date the 2020 elections. We have a responsibility to address these concerns and make sure everyone can have confidence in the system. However, that process is much more difficult when the leaders of one political party remain focused on turning the entire conversation into an expensive circus for political gain.

“It is far past time for the Governor, Attorney General and Senate Democrats to give up their partisan charade and allow our lawful, responsible and thoughtful investigation of the state’s election system to move forward.

“What makes this process even more frustrating is the fact that they know they’re going to lose in court. We have a clear legal right to the information we included in our subpoena and there is ample precedent for sharing that information between different branches of government.

“Instead of engaging in this process in good faith and offering input that could be useful, they continue to stage pre-planned walkouts and have cameras waiting outside of every meeting to engage in cheap political theater. It is time for them to act like adults and engage in serious discussions instead of dragging out the process and wasting more taxpayer dollars on a political misinformation campaign that has no basis in fact or logic.

“We are going to continue the fight to improve our election system and restore the public’s confidence in the process. No amount of partisan gamesmanship will impact our resolve to give Pennsylvanians the strong, fair, secure election system they deserve.”

CONTACT: Jason Thompson

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