Consumer-Centered Liquor Reforms Signed Into Law

HARRISBURG – Legislation championed by Senator Chuck McIlhinney (R-10) to modernize the sale of liquor across Pennsylvania in order to better meet the needs of consumers was signed into law today.

House Bill 1690 includes a number of reforms demanded by consumers, including expanded hours of operation at state liquor stores and fewer restrictions in relation to state-mandated holidays and Sunday operation. The bill also allows for online internet orders for wine, stores to create loyalty programs, distribute coupons, utilize flexible pricing options and offer new sales and discounts.

The bill allows for the limited sale of wine at select restaurants, hotels and grocery stores that purchase the proper licenses.

According to a detailed fiscal analysis of the bill, the plan could generate up to an additional $100-150 million in profits for the state system. In addition to modernizing liquor sales, the bill also requires a comprehensive study of the valuation of the state system and various proposals to privatize liquor sales in the future.

“One of my primary concerns in considering any change to liquor and beer sales is how we can make the process more convenient for consumers,” McIlhinney said. “The final product approved by the governor today will provide a much-needed update to the system and give consumers many of the reforms they have asked for, while at the same time generating additional state revenues that could help close the budget deficit.”

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