Bartolotta Calls for Enactment of Bill Clarifying CDL Requirements for Farmers

HARRISBURG – After receiving support from the General Assembly, legislation sponsored by Senator Camera Bartolotta (R-46) allowing farmers to use a Class A, B or C driver’s license when operating farm vehicles with a combined weight of more than 26,000 pounds on roadways is poised for enactment.

A Class A driver’s license is a graduated license above the common Class C license and requires an additional road test and fee. Act 170 of 2014 clarified that farmers did not need a CDL when operating farm trucks, or farm trucks hauling trailers, with a combined weight of more than 26,000 pounds. However, it was unclear as to whether a farmer could use a Class C or Class A driver’s license when operating those vehicles.

Even though Act 170 was supposed to reduce burdens on farmers, the Pennsylvania State Police is requiring farmers to have a non-commercial Class A driver’s license with weights that exceed 26,000 pounds.

“This legislation will deliver the support our farmers need to make the supply chain challenges they face a bit easier. It removes the burden they faced when operating their farm equipment,” Sen. Bartolotta said. “When my bill becomes law, they will be able to fully focus on the demanding job of providing our state with consistent access to fresh fruit, veggies, milk and meat.”

If Senate Bill 725 is not vetoed within 10 days, it will be enacted into law. 

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