Alloway Responds to PASSHE “Tuition Freeze” Resolution

HARRISBURG — Senator Rich Alloway (R-33) issued the following statement today in reaction to today’s vote by the PASSHE Board of Governors on a resolution pertaining to Governor Wolf’s budget proposal:

“It is deeply troubling that the Wolf Administration would hold appropriations for these schools hostage for the sole purpose of earning political leverage to be used during budget negotiations. This resolution has nothing to do with educating students. Its only purpose is to exploit an independent body in order to score political points, which is a true disservice to State Systems schools and students.

“During yesterday’s Board meeting, Governor Wolf’s Secretary of Policy John Hanger told the Board of Governors in no uncertain terms that any increase in funding for the State System would be contingent on the Board approving this resolution. While we all share a common goal of ensuring academic programs can be maintained at the lowest possible cost to students, it is extremely disappointing that the Administration has threatened the Board into making a promise based on a funding plan that the governor knows is highly uncertain. It is equally unfair to mislead students and parents into believing that a tuition in freeze is eminent when a great deal of ambiguity still exists, primarily due to the plentiful shortcomings in the governor’s proposed budget.

“The budget process is very much in its infancy, and the General Assembly has spent the past several weeks identifying numerous concerns and problems pertaining to Governor Wolf’s budget proposal, none of which have been addressed or even acknowledged by the Administration. The time and energy invested in bullying members of the PASSHE Board to pass such an ill-conceived resolution would have been better spent exploring more fiscally responsible alternatives to the governor’s impractical, unworkable budget plan, which would require the largest tax increase in Pennsylvania’s history.”

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