Wagner Launches SavePA Website to Collect Ideas for Saving Tax Dollars

HARRISBURG – Sen. Scott Wagner (R-28) has launched a website, SenatorScottWagner.com/SavePA, where taxpayers can find and suggest ideas to cut state spending, an alternative to Gov. Wolf’s call to raise taxes.

“The only responsible thing to do is address the spending side of the equation before reaching into the wallets of Pennsylvania taxpayers,” Wagner said.

Offering some of his own ideas, Wagner stated, “Before considering tax hikes we should be taking steps to save money by eliminating costly prevailing wage mandates for public construction projects and moving the management of pension funds to a private management firm, something that Governor Wolf and I actually agree on but that has been absent from the budget conversation thus far.”

The Senator noted that on December 23, Gov. Wolf, after previously vetoing a balanced budget and then vetoing a stopgap budget to aid schools and social service agencies, finally signed legislation authorizing the release of limited state funds. The Governor used line-item vetoes to prevent enactment of a complete spending plan, slashing $3 billion earmarked for schools.

“When asked why he didn’t again veto the entire package, Governor Wolf said he had a ‘change of heart,’ and didn’t ‘want to hold the children of Pennsylvania hostage.’ Not only is this an admission that he has been using children as hostages thus far, it is also an acknowledgement that he will use them as hostages again when the limited funds that he has released run out,” Wagner said.

In addition to using the SavePA website, taxpayers can submit their ideas via Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #SavePA, tagging @SenScottWagner on Twitter or leaving a comment on Facebook at Senator Scott Wagner.

“It’s clear that Governor Wolf wants no part of the discussion that taxpayers are having across this Commonwealth about excessive government spending,” said Wagner. “He just doesn’t want to hear it. But I do and so do many of my legislative colleagues. I look forward to hearing ideas from taxpayers.”

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