Senate Unanimously Approves Wagner Measure Condemning Anti-Semitism


HARRISBURG – The Senate today unanimously approved a measure sponsored by Senator Scott Wagner (R-28) condemning acts of anti-Semitism in Pennsylvania and urging citizens to take a stand against all cultural and religious insensitivity.

Wagner introduced Senate Resolution 44 in response to recent acts of hate and vandalism against the Jewish community, including a bomb threat called into the York Jewish Community Center (JCC) at the end of February.  There have been more than 150 such acts since the beginning of the year. 

During his floor remarks, Wagner acknowledged the arrest of a Jewish teenager in Israel last week in connection with many of the JCC bomb threats throughout the United States but said it was important that the Senate take a stand, regardless of who was behind the acts.

“Quite frankly, the religious affiliation and home country of the individual responsible for the threats do not change what happened.  The events still occurred, and they are still wrong,” Wagner said.

“A young man from Israel didn’t topple the more than 100 gravestones at Mount Carmel Cemetery in Philadelphia. He didn’t draw swastikas on college campuses or vandalize synagogues across the country,” Wagner added. “His actions, however, helped to fuel the continued acts of hate and vandalism against the Jewish community.”

Senate Resolution 44, co-sponsored by more than 30 additional Senators from both sides of the aisle, encourages all Pennsylvanians to remain steadfast in rejecting cultural insensitivity and to use this time to come together and begin educating young people and adults on understanding and appreciating members of all religious communities of this Commonwealth.or Wagner offers Senate Resolution 44, a resolution condemning the recent acts of hate against the Jewish community in Pennsylvania and across the nation.

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