Senate Passes Reschenthaler Bill To Strengthen Penalties For Threatening Law Enforcement Officers and Families

May 24, 2017
The State Senate this week approved legislation sponsored by Senator Guy Reschenthaler (R-37) that would help us protect members of law enforcement by adding a penalty for threatening law enforcement officers, sheriffs or members of their family. Listen   [Read More]

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Senate Panel Approves Stefano Measure To Provide Financial Assistance To Volunteer Firefighters, EMTs

May 24, 2017
The Senate Finance Committee today unanimously approved legislation sponsored by Senator Pat Stefano (R-32) that would provide financial assistance to volunteer firefighters and EMTs.   Listen   [Read More]

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Finance Committee Approves Bills to Help Firefighters, Veterans Groups

May 24, 2017
The Senate Finance Committee approved six bills on Wednesday (May 24) including measures to help firefighters, veterans’ organizations, animal shelters and pediatric cancer research, according to Committee Chairman Senator Scott Hutchinson.   Listen   [Read More]

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Blight/Revitalization Issues

May 22, 2017
Senate Majority Policy Committee and Senate Urban Affairs and Housing Committee - May 23, 2017     [Read More]

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Rafferty, Sabatina Hold News Conference To Focus Attention On Efforts to Combat Distracted Driving

May 22, 2017
Senator John C. Rafferty, Jr., (R-44), Senator John Sabatina (D-5), AT&T, state officials, law enforcement, families of distracted driving victims, students and other advocacy groups held a capitol news conference on Tuesday to focus public attention on distracted driving legislation and awareness.     [Read More]

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Pennsylvania Natural Gas

May 19, 2017
Joint Hearing of the Senate Majority Policy and Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committees - May 24, 2017     [Read More]

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Empowering Parents and Supporting Students to Succeed through Education Savings Accounts

May 18, 2017
Senate Education Committee AND House Education Committee - May 24, 2017     [Read More]

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Public hearing on SB 258 (Contracting with State Police for local coverage)

May 18, 2017
Senate Law and Justice Committee - May 23, 2017     [Read More]

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Mandatory Minimum Sentencing

May 18, 2017
Senate Judiciary Committee and Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Public Safety & Criminal Justice - May 22, 2017     [Read More]

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Examining the Proposed Consolidation of the Departments of Aging, Drug and Alcohol Programs, Health, and Human Services

May 18, 2017
Senate Aging and Youth, Senate Health and Human Services, Appropriations, Intergovernmental Committees and Senate Philadelphia Delegation - May 18, 2017     [Read More]

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Current practices and issues in pupil transportation

May 12, 2017
Senate Education Committee - May 15, 2017     [Read More]